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Safety & Quality control


Manpower of Umba is its most valuable resource. Expectations and results are based upon a full and comprising to provide a safe and working environment.
We have developed a health and safety culture driven by a goal “ALL ACCIDENTS CAN BE PREVENTED.”

The culture has instilled employees with the conviction that every accident is preventable. The company fully acknowledges that by complying with stringent Health,
Safety and environment procedures accidents can be prevented.Expectations and results are based upon
a full and comprising commitment to provide a safe and healthy working environment.

Safety requires the full participation of everyone, everyday and it is a condition of employment.
We provide employees with the resources, tools and training necessary to create the safest possible work environment.

Some of the procedures we use:

  • Full range of Personal
  • Protective Equipment
  • Safe tools and equipment
  • Trained and competent staff
  • Regular on site safety audits.

Quality Control

Customer first

Umba has created a platform for receiving, recording, analyzing,
forecasting and taking corrective actions on all non-conformities or
complaints pointed out by customers. Customers’ complaints are entertained through corrective and preventive action


We provide range of training required to perform their assign responsibilities;
this includes orientation training job/equipment related training, managerial and refresher training.

Determine Training needs

All employees are assessed to determine adequacy of their existing training /
qualification and to propose what additional training they require